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just a song i wrote dj clay

I got shot, popped on Tuesday night Now I’m on the ground fighting for my life Will I die? Or will I not? will I get high again or will I rot? I can’t move my body I just stay still I just lay there thinkin of any beef that was built. Was it revenge for them? Was it friends of them? All these questions in my head and I can’t answer them. I think back random thoughts of the past tears come to my eyes but all I can do is laugh. I know I don’t wana die, but then would it be so bad? A daughter without her dad, I know that I can’t so I hold on. HOLD ON so I hold on HOLD ON so I hold on HOLD ON so I hold on HOLD ON Now I’m on the stretcher, and I’m taking deep breaths the Doc said my last breath might be my next. He said hang son and be real calm, I said “I can’t die, plus my hands feel numb.” so I pray “Lord you can’t take me now, I won’t let these mother fuckers take me out.” I already miss my girl, I already miss my kid, I already miss my boys and all the shit that we did. We used to record hits just for us, we didn’t give a fuck boy we couldn’t be touched. But now, I hear matchines beepin sounds, beepin louder every minute, every hour, counting down, so I hold on. HOLD ON so I hold on HOLD ON so I hold on HOLD ON so I hold on HOLD ON Now my eye’s can’t stay open I’m looking through a blink watching everybody cry, It’s getting hard to breath. Tryin to say my last words It’s hard to speak as I open up my mouth feel my body getting weak, Please, tell my momma and my daddy that I love them both, tell my dauther I’m sorry I couldn’t watch her grow, Tell my homies my bad I couldn’t see ‘em blow, and tell my tell my tell. I’m in and out memories are fading out HOLD ON In and out very weak I couldn’t hold on (X8)